Green Party Campaign School

Saturday, January 19, 2008, 10am-8pm
Auditorium Center, 875 E. Main St, Rochester, NY
Brent McMillan, National Political Director for the Green Party of the United States
Scott McLarty, National Media Director the Green Party of the United States
Howie Hawkins, Former Green Party candidate for United States Senate from New York
Rachel Treichler, Former Green Party candidate for New York State Attorney General
Jason Nabewaniec, Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States

Registration is FREE and starts at 9:30am, workshops begin at 10pm and are expected to go to 7pm. LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED. Please join us afterwards for diner at a local restaurant. Jason Nabewaniec, Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States, and Chair of the Green Party of New York State’s Campaign Committee will be hosting this event.

For more information or to RSVP please call Jason at 585-413-3478, RSVP is not required but it is requested. More information will be made available online.

Workshops will be held GAGV on the 5th floor of the Rochester Auditorium Center, 875 E. Main St -corner Prince St. There is a parking lot behind the building off College Ave near the corner of Prince St, use the side door next to that parking lot. Elevator and stairs located off the main lobby.

If you wish to make a donation to help us cover room fees, printing fees, travel costs and food then please send a check to the Green Party on Monroe County, PO Box 40282, Rochester NY 14604, write “Campaign School” on the check, donations are not tax deductible.
Thank you for your contribution to make this event possible.

Running for Office
Candidates are the vehicles that carry a political movement. Sustainability and going green is becoming trendy, Americans are growing more aware of the health insurance crises and want health care for everyone, and most Americans are now against the war in Iraq and dread the thought of another US war in the Middle East, the UN has a moratorium on the death penalty, LGBT rights are gaining public acceptance, fiscal responsibility will become critical as the economy edges closer to a recession. With the Green Party, Michael Bloomberg, and Ron Paul engaging in presidential politics the recognition and attention on independent politics will be enhanced in 2008.  The political climate is ripe for Green growth in 2008, we need your to help as a candidate drive the movement so that going green doesn’t get further co-opted by the major corporate parties. 
Howie Hawkins former Green Party candidate for United States Senate and several other public offices will lead this workshop on answering the call of duty to the Green political movement. 

What Every Green Candidate should know
Following the 2004 general election a questionnaire was sent out by the Green Party of the United States Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) to all the Green candidates who ran for office in 2004. With the luxury of hindsight, candidates reflected and shared their experiences of what worked best, and what could have been better. Then CCC member, Susan Fawcett compiled these into a checklist of things candidates and their campaign committees should have in mind before deciding to run for office.

Brent McMillan, Political Director for the Green Party of the United States will take participants through this checklist along with handouts and additional information.
Get Out The Vote
This workshop is based on one that was originally presented by John Funchion at the Northeast Campaign School held in New London, CT in May of 2005. John was the GOTV Coordinator for the Jeff Toste for state legislature campaign in 2004. (John had worked for Paul Wellstone previous to becoming involved with the Green Party of Rhode Island.) The GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee was so impressed with this workshop that it became the basis of the GOTV Campaign Manual that is available for download off the CCC webpage.

In 2007 Brent McMillan was the GOTV Coordinator for the Renee Bowser campaign in Washington DC. Renee ran for an open seat representing Ward 4 on the City Council. It was the strongest GOTV effort that the DC Statehood Green Party had done in years.

Fundraising for Candidates
The best person to do fundraising for a campaign is the candidate. This workshop is for both those that are considering running for office for the first time and those who have run before. Campaign Managers should know what to what the candidate should be doing for fundraising.   

This workshop can dramatically improve a campaigns ability get its message to the voters.
Working with the Media
This workshop will explore building relationships with people in the media and how to get more coverage. Topics will also include: how to write a press release, what is the difference between a press release and a press advisory, how to structure and deliver your message.

Scott McLarty, Media Director for the Green Party of the United States will lead this workshop on helping candidates prepare for working with the media.
Campaigning Online
Nothing beats door to door canvassing however campaigns can attract volunteers and provide more depth to its message with a strong online presence.  This workshop will teach the basics in creating a website and promoting your campaign online. 
Rachel Treichler is a former Green Party candidate for New York State Attorney General and United States Congress she created and managed her own campaign websites and will walk you through the process of taking your campaign online. 
Hosting a Successful Campaign Event
Currently there are several presidential candidates traveling the country campaigning for the Green Party’s nomination. Greens from small towns to big cities will be asked to host campaign events that promote and raise the public awareness of the Green Party and our candidates, as well as, raise money for our candidates. 
Few people have hosted as many campaign events for Green candidates as Howie Hawkins, co-founder the Green Party in the United States in 1984, Howie has run for public office several times for offices such as Senate, Congress, and Mayor. Howie Hawkins will take through the process of hosting a successful campaign event in your area, to ensure that you and the candidate will get the most out of a campaign visit.