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To comply with Federal law, we must use our best efforts to obtain, maintain, and submit the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per calendar year. GPNYS does not accept contributions from for-profit businesses (including sole proprietorships and partnerships) or from corporate sponsored PACs. GPNYS will accept contributions from the PACs of democratic people’s organizations, including labor unions, cooperatives and peace, environmental and community organizations.
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Give Now To Defend The Green Party — and Democracy — From a Fatal Attack

Andrew Cuomo and the NY State Democratic Party are using their complete control of the governor's office and legislature to destroy all grassroots parties in New York!

A commission convened by the Democrats to create public financing for elections abused their position to infect New York with some of the most anti-democratic ballot access standards in the country. After a judge deemed the commission unconstitutional, Cuomo rammed its recommendations through as a rider to the FY2021 Budget. These new rules will choke off the ability of independent candidates and grassroots parties like GPNY to run candidates and give voters real choices on Election Day.

The Future of Grassroots Democracy in New York is at Stake. Don't Let The Two-Party Cartel Destroy What Hundreds of Thousands of Greens and Allies Like Yourself Have Accomplished.

The Green Party and Libertarian Party have filed a joint lawsuit to defend our ballot line but we need your help.

Give to the Green Party of NY today so we have the resources to defeat Cuomo and his lackies. Because if Cuomo and the Democrats get their way, we may not be here tomorrow.

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John Patterson
Sandy Przybylak
Robert Reginio
Charley Bowman
Paul Corell
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William Kreml
Steven Welzer
Paula Muth
Christine Niskanen
Anthony Timmons
Joseph Moskal
Austin Finn
Anya Szykitka
Cassandra Lems

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  • John Patterson
    donated 2020-07-29 21:47:23 -0400
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  • Sandy Przybylak
    donated 2020-07-29 21:12:43 -0400
  • Robert Reginio
    donated 2020-07-29 21:02:58 -0400
  • Charley Bowman
    donated 2020-07-29 20:33:07 -0400
  • Paul Corell
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  • Gloria Guillo
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  • Steven Welzer
    donated 2020-07-29 19:36:39 -0400
  • Paula Muth
    donated 2020-07-29 19:06:02 -0400
  • Christine Niskanen
    donated 2020-07-29 18:58:54 -0400
  • Anthony Timmons
    donated 2020-07-29 18:51:30 -0400
  • Joseph Moskal
    donated 2020-07-29 18:50:20 -0400
  • Austin Finn
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  • Anya Szykitka
    donated 2019-12-15 14:21:27 -0500
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  • Michael ONeil
    published this page in Green Party Ballot Line Under Attack 2019-12-09 07:44:10 -0500