Please download the local candidate questionnaire here and submit to the Green Party of Onondaga County, secretary and chair. Fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability and the Green Party of Onondaga County will contact you to discuss your potential candidacy. 


Return of this questionnaire is required for further consideration of your candidacy
by the Green Party of Onondaga County. Please email materials to the Green Party Onondaga County Coordinating Committee: [email protected]

Include with your application a resume and a “General Statement” telling us about yourself.


1. Name of Candidate:

2. Office Sought:

3. Address as listed on voter registration card:

4. Mailing or Primary Residence address if different then above:

5. Are you a citizen of the United States?:

6. Number of years at the address you were you are registered to vote. If less than five (5) years, list primary residences for last five years. If more than one residence, list years and months of residence after each address. If you wish to be a candidate for the state legislature, also list the relevant district of each address, including your current address.

7. Daytime phone number(s):

8. Cell phone number(s):

9. Evening phone number(s):

10. E-mail:

11. Date of birth (month/day/year):

12. Place of Birth:

13. Number of consecutive years registered to vote in the State of New York:

14. Party enrollment:

15. Number of years enrolled in that party:

16. If party enrollment is not Green, are you willing to change your enrollment to the Green Party? If no, please explain.

17. Please tell us about yourself. Please name this document "General Statement".

18. Employment history: Please provide a resume or list your past five years work experience (including years employed and a description of your position).

19. Have you run for office before?: If yes, show election dates, election results, positions sought, and your party affiliation at the time of the elections.

20. Please describe other relevant electoral campaign experience you have had:

21. List appointed public offices held, by whom appointed, and dates of service and your party affiliation at the time of the appointment:

22. List affiliations with political, civic, and community organizations and any offices held, with dates of service:

23. Do you have any criminal convictions? If so, please list and briefly describe the circumstances.

24. Provide contact information for three references – Please include at least one Green Party member out of the three.

25. Candidate Website:

26. Please provide the name, email, phone numbers (addresses optional) for your:

a. Campaign Manager:

b. Treasurer:

c. Media Coordinator/Press Secretary:

d. Other key personnel or campaign staff (include description of role):


27. Please list at least 5 goals of your campaign and how you hope to achieve them.

28. Please provide any voter analysis; identification or get out the vote (GOTV) plan or information you may have to date.

29. Who are the opposing candidates in the election for your chosen office, and what are their party affiliations? Please describe their strengths and weaknesses.

30. Are there any external factors that make your race special?

31. Are you seeking party authorizations from any parties other than the Green Party?

32. How much time will you be able to give to the campaign on a daily basis? Weekly?

33. How often do you plan to travel the district?

34. What is your media strategy for your campaign?

35. Does your campaign have a volunteer or staff person with media experience who will serve the campaign as press secretary?

36. In what debates and political forums will you seek to participate?

37. How do you plan to recruit and utilize volunteers for your campaign?

38. What kind of support from the local, county or regional Green Party organizations will be helpful to your campaign?

39. Are you involved or have made contact with any community or regional groups about your campaign? Please list here.

40. Does your campaign have a realistic and strategic finance plan? If yes, please describe. Please include the following:

a. Amount of money projected to be raised and expenses anticipated.

b. Amount of money spent by candidates seeking this office in prior elections.

c. Do you agree with the Green Party policy of not accepting corporate contributions for political campaigns?

d. Do you intend to accept any contributions from political action committees (PACs) other than the Green Party?

e. Will the campaign limit the amount of contributions from a single source? If so, to what amount?


41. What are the key issues you will emphasize in your campaign?

42. How will your campaign develop these issues?

43. How will your campaign promote the Green Party's values and help build the Green Party?

44. How will your campaign promote and grow diversity to help build the Green Party? Include personal experiences if applicable.