Statement on the Murder of George Floyd and Solidarity Protests Around New York State

The Green Party of New York is outraged by the murder of George Floyd by former officer Derek Chauvin while fellow officers menacingly kept distressed and concerned by-standers at bay. The evidence is unequivocal that Chauvin and the other former officers killed Floyd and all of them need to be arrested, charged, and convicted for their crimes. The arrest of Derek Chavuin, while a welcome development, must be followed with the same for the other former officers.

Police murders of black and brown men and women continue with impunity while local, state and Federal politicians either offer ineffective solutions or worse yet are complicit in perpetuating the racist policies that allow these heinous acts to keep happening. The police force in Minneapolis, and across America, is shot through with racism and classism. While holding the offending officers accountable is absolutely necessary, and community control of police is an improvement, in the end the police must be dismantled as part of dismantling racist and classist systems of oppression.

The Green Party of New York stands in solidarity with our Green Party comrades in Minneapolis/St. Paul who have organized and participated in peaceful protests over the past few days including GPUS national co-chair Trahern Crews. During this COVID-19 pandemic we believe we are obliged to protect ourselves and take responsibility for public safety but our voices will not be silenced when injustice and racism result in the murder of our black and brown brothers and sisters. We encourage Green Party members to participate in solidarity actions in the coming days according to your comfort level.

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Solidarity Actions Around The State [Last Updated July 3, 2020]

NYC: Daily schedule posted at and on instagram @justiceforgeorgenyc 

New Paltz: July 5, 12 noon, Elting Library, Main St, BLM vigil

NYC: July 13, 5:30 - 8 pm, Union Square, Justice for Sandra Bland

Troy: July 18, 11 am, Troy Riverfront Park, Black Lives Matter Littles' March