Do you know someone who would make a great Peace Candidate?

The Suffolk Green Party is looking to have a Suffolk 1,2,3 campaign to run congressional candidates in all 3 congressional districts.  Can you help us find peace candidates?

The political calendar is much earlier this year.  Usually the congressional Primary is in September.  The congressional Primary is in June this year, so petitioning will start shortly.  So we need to get Congressional candidates lined up right now!

Three Green Party congressional candidates will give all Suffolk Greens someone local to vote for, instead of just vote against.

Running for Congress as a Green will cause the corporate politicians and corporate media to discuss issues they generally ignore.  A Peace candidate will support the Green Party  presidential candidate. Congressional campaigns help enroll Green Party members.

Please email Green Party of Suffolk Secretary Ian Wilder with any suggestions for Congressional candidates or call 631-422-4702.