GPNY SC Committee Nominations 2016-2018

The period for nominations will be December 16 - December 30 followed by a week of online vote by the GPNY State Committee. Nominations and self-nominations should be made here:


Nominees should be members of the Green Party of New York registered with the NYS Board of Elections. Exceptions will be made for individuals whose change in voter registration has not yet gone into effect.Once committees are formed, they may choose to accept nonvoting volunteer members


Green Party members may serve as voting members on up to two committees (not including the Executive Committee). Individuals may self nominate but need to confirm that there is a GPNY State Committee member willing to "second" and back up their nominations. You can find a list of Green Party of New York State Committee members here:


Working Committee Descriptions 


Fundraising and Membership Committee

The GPNYS Fundraising Committee needs members who can help organize and sustain a yearly cycle of fundraising activities, help write fundraising materials, organize and "lead by example" with fundraising phone banking, and brainstorm new fundraising opportunities. At this time GPNYS is emphasizing the Supporting Members dues program to build sustained support that benefits county organizations and encourages new affiliated counties.


Writing, graphic design, crunching numbers, and contact list management skills are appreciated. An interest in learning fundraising best practices (available through free online resources) should be a priority for members new to this work.


Campaign Committee

The Campaign Committee is charged with supporting the Green Party of New York’s State Party’s electoral work. Activities include: recruitment and outreach, review of candidate questionnaires; assistance and support for candidates which may include providing information, training and recommendation of funding or resources to the Executive Committee; analysis of electoral opportunities across the state. Meetings occur monthly via conference calls (that might increase in frequency during certain times of the electoral calendar) and an email listserv.


Web Committee

The GPNYS Web Committee needs members who have experience publishing HTML in content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Nationbuilder) and email newsletter systems (e.g. Constant Contact, Mailchimp), in addition to members with strong editorial backgrounds who can create content (the committee also recruits outside contributors to create content).


Website and other systems administrators are also appreciated, along with experience editing and designing images for our website and social media. Meetings are minimal, but we need people who are available throughout the week for short periods of time to assist with content publishing.


Legislative Issues

The Legislative Issues Committee works on issues before the state legislature in accordance with the platform and policies of the Green Party of NYS. The Legislative Issues Committee is charged with monitoring the Governor and legislature's agenda and progressive movements to influence legislation. The committee will take the lead in producing materials, subject to review by the Executive Committee on its biweekly calls and the State Committee at its meetings.  These but are not limited to preparing thoughtful press statements when a rapid response is needed for bills under consideration in the legislature and also preparing white papers when additional research on an issue is needed.


Rules and Policies Committee

The Rules and Policies Committee is charged with maintaining, updating, and dispensing information about the rules and policies that guide and inform the day-to-day workings of the Green Party of New York State, including its Executive Committee, State Committee, and affiliated counties. Recent examples of the committee's work during the past two years have included reviewing and updating the policies that support the rules of the Green Party of New York State, and reviewing draft by-laws of several counties applying for affiliation with the state party.