Campaign Committee

2015-2016 Campaign Committee


Darin Robins, Co-Chair
Email: [email protected]

Mike Emperor, Co-Chair
Email: [email protected]


Gloria Mattera, Ursula Rozum, Mark Dunlea, Jim McCabe, Darin Robbins, Dani Liebling, Joseph Phillips, Jonathan Fluck, Dave Sutliff-Atias, Theresa Portelli

The Campaign Committee generally holds conference calls on the Second Thursday of the month. If you are interested in joining one of the calls, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Interested in running for office as a Green Party candidate? Download the candidates questionnaire here!

If you have questions about the questionnaire or about running, contact Campaign Committee Co-chair Michael Emperor, [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: One need not be an elected member of the Campaign Committee to attend any meeting or conference call. All you need be is a registered Green. Only elected members can vote, but all are welcome to participate. If you are interested at all in campaigning and helping to get Greens elected throughout New York State, please consider attending, as there is much to do. For more information about the committee, please email one of the co-chairs listed above.

For current NY candidates, see the Candidates page.

For a complete list of current and past Green candidates in all states, vists the GP-US elections database.

Campaign Committee Bylaws