Buying Green & Eco-Junk

In his essay Eco-Junk George Monbiot writes about the current fad to embrace everything “green” without addressing the problem of overconsumption:

“The middle classes rebrand their lives, congratulate themselves on going green, and carry on buying and flying as much as ever before. It is easy to picture a situation in which the whole world religiously buys green products, and its carbon emissions continue to soar.”

The constant desire for new possessions is a persistent feature in our society. In the cartoon movie “Spirited Away,” a character named “No Face” engorges himself with everything and everyone but never seems happy. Advertising is geared toward making us feel that something is missing and a product will fulfill it. By promoting “green” consumption, advertisers assure a continuing market for goods and services.

One of the key values of the Green Party is “Future Focus and Sustainability.” How can this be achieved in a culture where buying “green” means depleting resources, generating emissions, and creating waste? I welcome your comments below . . .

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