An Interview with Howie Hawkins

[From: The Free George, online magazine of Albany, Saratoga, the Lake George Region and the Adirondacks.]
As part of an
ongoing Meet the Candidates series, we recently spoke by phone with New York Gubernatorial Candidiate Howie Hawkins (G) to discuss his views on Unemployment, Restoring Progressive Income Tax Rates, the Deadlock in Albany, Green Economic Recovery, Alternative Energy, Hydrofracking, Education, Same Sex Marriage and the Arts. The videos are listed as Part 1 & Part 2 below.

Although The Free George does not endorse political candidates, we do strongly believe in the right of all candidates to be heard. Most media outlets today refer to third-party candidates as unnecessary or “fringe”; we disagree with this assessment & feel it is important to give them a platform. With 58% of Americans supporting the need for a third party, our coverage of the NY Gubernatorial race will focus on some of these viable third party candidates.

Parts 1 and 2of an Interview with NY Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins (G)