An Economic Stimulus Plan Within The Green Alternative

By Hank Bardel:

This Economic Stimulus Plan has been created basically to quickly inform masses of people on how we as a people, through our elected government, can stimulate the American economy. Obviously it is not designed to go into needed details at this point. At some point in the future details can be filled in.

The Plan is simple and designed to work. Fundamentally it is designed to work by transfering massive amounts of wealth from the extremely rich to the poor and the middle class. At this time in our history 1% to 2% of the American population owns 40% to 50% of the wealth of the United States. This concentration of wealth has not been seen in the United States since 1929.

Through taxes on the very wealthy and fair pay for working people this Plan can be accomplished. It will also add up because we know where the money is coming from. The Democratic Party’s plan can’t work because it is based on exploitation through borrowing by the poor and middle class to buy goods and services. The poor and the middle class don’t have too much wealth left of their own to buy goods and services.

1. Raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour and create a minimum living wage of $40,000 a year.

2. Pass a budget to have funds to rebuild the federal, state and local infrastructures.

3. Create a National Bank that will loan money for home mortgages and small businesses at a 5% rate.

4. Create a single-payer health care system for all Americans.

5. Stimulate and encourage domestic manufacturing in the United States.

6. Eliminate federal income taxes for people making under $100,000 and increase taxes on people making over $250,000 to 60%.

7. Tax capital gains at 35%.

8. Tax the estate tax at 55% after exclusion of $5,000,000.

9. Return to revenue sharing of federal taxes with state and local governments.

10. Establish regulations on corporations to stop corruption.

11. Pass laws that encourage union membership and abolish the Taft-Hartley Act.

12. Pass laws that mandate that unions operate democratically and corruption free.

13. Redistribute 50% of the military budget to spend on a single-payer health care system, education, and higher education.

14. Create a Reconstruction Finance Company (controlled by the federal government) to guide the corporations out of this economic collapse.