2010 Candidates

Candidates Nominated by the Green Party of NY State

Governor of New York State: Howie Hawkins
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Lieutenant Governor of New York State: Gloria Mattera
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Comptroller of New York State: Julia Willebrand
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U.S. Senate: Cecile Lawrence
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U.S. Senate: Colia Clark
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Other candidates petitioning to be on the Green Party Ballot.

US Congress from the 13th district: Hank Bardel
Web site • e-mail • Video

US Congress from the 7th district: Anthony Gronowicz

State Senate from the 31st district: Ann Roos

State Senate from the 33rd district: John Reynolds

State Assembly from the 76th district: Walter Nestler

State Assembly from the 82nd district: Carl Lundgren

State Assembly from the 83rd district: Trevor Archer

State Assembly from the 85th district: Daniel Zuger

State Assembly from the 119th district: Mike Donelly

Their listing here is for informational purposes and does not indicate an endorsement by the Green Party of NY.