Hawkins Walker Voter Pledge

I pledge to vote for Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker, the Green Party candidates for president and vice president, respectively. They are the candidates who best represent my values and the systemic change we need in this country.

Who's signing

Edgar Rodriguez
Patience Pechette
Sophie Blanco
Fred Hetzel
Deneen Mason
Amber Lannutti
Elizabeth Tobier
Dennison Wolfe
William Hurley
Robert Alft
Mark Dunlea
Brian Wade
Herb Edwards
Bruce Alexander
Gary Cobin Cobin
Margaret Abiona
Bernardo Ramirez
Helen Song
Eric Bare
Justin Bishop
Gary Merritt Jr.
David Kime
Lillia Frantin
Kevin A. Waters
Susan Holland
Deyva Arthur
martin manley
Paul Flansburg
Robert Herman
108 signatures

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