Jill Stein Wins GPNY Presidential Nominating Convention Vote!


The Green Party of New York (GPNY) announced today that Jill Stein had overwhelmingly won the New York primary for the Presidential nomination at their convention on Saturday in Troy, NY and will be placed on the Green Party of New York’s presidential nominating petition, winning 88.3 % of the vote and securing 12 of 13 delegates to the national convention. Jasmine Sherman also received 11.6% of the vote and 1 delegate. 

"America, and the world, face serious threats in 2024 from the worsening climate crisis, the ongoing genocide in Gaza, and the corporate domination of both major parties. We embrace Jill Stein’s call for an eco-socialist Green New Deal that combines an economic bill of rights with a rapid transition by 2030 to 100% renewable energy and a halt to new fossil fuel projects, an end to US support of Israel’s genocidal acts, and addressing the multiple economic and social crises faced by the working class," said party co-chair Gloria Mattera.

"Democracy is under assault in the United States. Joe Biden has proven to be a warmonger, supporter of genocide, capitalist dominance, given his full-throated support to fossil fuel expansion in the face of the climate crisis, and continued many of Trump’s cruel policies especially on immigration. If Biden or Trump win, we will continue to see America's escalating income inequality and social injustice. Americans need a political party free from corporate control that will lift up all Americans, not just the 1% favored by the two parties. We need to shift our budget priorities away from a massive military budget that seeks to dominate the rest of the world and instead invest in our many domestic needs while enacting a foreign policy based on mutual respect and humanitarian aid, which is what the Green Party stands for and Jill Stein will campaign on," said GPNY co-chair Peter LaVenia.