Green Party candidate for Albany County Legislator

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[From Metroland Online]

Thinking "green": Lussier shares his
hopes for Albany's seventh district.

PHOTO: Chris Shields

Finding What Works

Green Party candidate for Albany County Legislator discusses housing,
health care, and the �greening� of Albany�s streets

�I am most concerned about the abandoned buildings issue,� said
David Lussier, Green Party candidate for Albany County Legislator
in the 7th District. �The county actually has a lot of influence
on it�they control the auctions that only go on a couple times
a year. If they keep canceling them, basically what that means
is that these buildings are sitting longer and longer.�

�If you don�t have these buildings up and running,� he continued,
�it becomes a downward spiral, which means they�re attracting
undesirable elements. It does nothing for the neighborhood.�

Lussier, 31, works during the day as a private contractor
and spends his evenings earning a masters degree in urban
and regional planning. In between school and work, he involves
himself in his community, doing neighborhood cleanups on Saturday
mornings and knocking on doors to hear residents� concerns.

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