Cuomo Named Among Worst Governors In America

Flagrant transparency evasions and fundraising corruption puts Governor Cuomo on Citizen for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington's ignominious list.

report on worst governors in US" href="" target="_blank">The report lists transgressions by King Andrew, including:

  • Expanding government transparency loopholes to include Blackberry Pin-to-Pin messages, which are not stored on a server and so are essentially irrecoverable once deleted, and then conducting state business with aides almost exclusively over Pin-to-Pin. What's next, Andy, Snapchat?

  • Withhold documents from Cuomo's time as Attorney General, and even remove previously public documents from NY State Archives.

  • Appointing donors to state positions, and using the "Committee to Save NY" to funnel millions of dollars from casinos and other interests to flood the airwaves with ads supporting Cuomo's agenda.

New Yorkers thought electing an Attorney General would mean a governor who would enforce the laws, but ended up with someone who just knew how to evade them all the better.