Join a Working Group

GPNY working groups provide a way to increase grassroots participation in Green Party activism and membership. They engage Greens who have similar activist interests or who share specific identities and who want to discuss the issues that affect them and organize around these issues in line with the GPNY platform.

(For information about GPNY Affiliated County Organizations and Green locals in your area, see our Find Local Greens page. For information about the GPNY Executive Committee, State Committee, and Standing Committees, see our Officers and Committees page.)

What types of Working Groups are there?
Working groups can be formed around specific issues (e.g., anything from anti-fracking to state-run banks, to cannabis legalization, to ending police brutality, animal rights, etc.). Working groups can also be based on issues of interest to a particular constituency aka identity politics (e.g., Women, Blacks, LGBTQ, Latinx, etc.). 

What sorts of activities do Working Groups engage in?
Examples of appropriate working group activities include but are not limited to: Developing issue activist campaigns, planning events (such as protests and press conferences), articulating GPNY positions on the issues that they are involved with, building a network of people interested in these issues, and helping to create social bonds among the people participating in a working group. Working groups can draft press releases for review and approval by the GPNY Executive Committee (EC) concerning the issues they are working on. They may also make presentations at GPNY State Committee (SC) meetings. Working groups do not have a vote on matters before the SC but their views shall be taken into consideration when it comes to a discussion of their particular issues.

How do I start a Working Group?
Any five enrolled Greens in New York State can get together and submit a proposal to the EC to be recognized as a GPNY working group (WG). The proposal should contain the following:

  • the name of the WG with the request that it be recognized by the EC as a GPNY WG
  • the names of the 5 Greens comprising the WG and their email addresses so that they can receive email from the state party if they aren't already
  • the name of one Green within the WG who will be the liaison with the EC
  • a phone number that can be posted online so others who are interested may join the WG
With that info in hand, the EC will work to get the group a GPNY email address that it can use and the WG will be listed on the GPNY website. Recognized working groups may also establish and maintain a listserv with GPNY in the title to facilitate discussion of their issues and organizing campaigns and events.

Can non-Greens be involved?
Yes, working groups can mobilize Greens and Green allies alike. Non-Greens in GPNY working groups will not have voting rights when it comes to decisions that can only be made by the EC and the SC. Examples are endorsements of non-Green organizations and campaigns, the platform, etc. However, non-Greens who are regular members of a working group can vote on internal working group matters such as when and where the next working group meeting will be, whether or not to attend a particular event or demonstration, and what to do, etc. Non-Green members do NOT count as members for recognition as a working group. If a recognized working group falls below five Greens, it shall be deemed inactive until such time as it again contains five Greens.

What is the relationship of working groups to the state committee? 
Working groups are mandated to email a short written summary or report to the state party Secretary, to be included in the meeting packet before every SC meeting. At the EC's discretion, working groups can make a presentation or report at an SC meeting. Additionally, a working group may request to make a presentation or report at an SC meeting as long as they go through the usual agenda submission process set forth in the GPNY rules.

GPNY Climate Action Working Group

Email: gpnyclimateaction( at )
Phone: 845-699-3051 (Andrew Dalton)
EC Liaison: Margaret Human
Initial Members: Margaret Human, Deb Borgono, Andrew Dalton, Barbara Kidney, Mark Dunlea, Paul Gilman, Dave Heller

Working Groups in Formation

A GPNY Working Group on peace issues and peace promotion is in formation. If you have interest, or know of someone who might like to hear about this venture, please contact Email: hudsonvalleygreenparty( at )