2018 Candidates

If you or your candidate are missing from this list, or if you need to update candidate information, contact adrienne(at)gpny.org!

Statewide Candidates

Howie Hawkins & Jia Lee

Offices: Governor & Lieutenant Governor
Web: www.howiehawkins.org
Twitter: @HowieHawkins

Michael Sussman

Office: Attorney General
Web: electsussman-nyag2018.com
Twitter: @SussmanForNYSAG

Mark Dunlea

Office: Comptroller
Web: markdunlea.org
Twitter: @dunleamark

Congressional Candidates

Hank Bardel

Office: US Congress - NY-11
FB: www.facebook.com/ElectHank
Web: electhankbardel.wordpress.com

Steve Greenfield

Office: US Congress - NY-19
FB: facebook.com/Steve.Greenfield.NY19

Tom Hillgardner

Office: US Congress - NY-06
Twitter: @Tom4CongressNY6

Scott Hutchins

Office: US Congress - NY-12
FB: www.facebook.com/ElectScottHutchins
Web: www.hutchinsforcongress.info

Lynn S. Kahn

Office: US Congress - NY-21
Web: www.votelynn2018.com

State Legislative Candidates

Anthony Baney

Office: Assembly Member - 140th District
FB: www.facebook.com/BaneyforNewYorkAssembly

Anthony Beckford

Office: Assembly Member - 42nd District
County: Kings County (Brooklyn)
Email: VoteForAnthonyBeckford@gmail.com
FB: facebook.com/AnthonyBeckfordForStateAssembly
Twitter: @Vote4Beckford
IG: instagram.com/AnthonyBeckford4StateAssembly
Website: voteforbeckford.nationbuilder.com

John Dennie

Office: Assembly Member - 63rd District
County: Richmond County (Staten Island)
FB: www.facebook.com/DennieForAssembly
Website: dennieforassembly.wordpress.com

Peter Diachun

Office: NY Senate - 62nd District

Danilo Lawvere

Office: Assembly Member - 146th District

Daniel Falcone

Office: Assembly Member - 61st District

Steve Ruzbacki

Office: NY Senate - 45th District
FB: www.facebook.com/VoteSteveRuzbacki

Local Candidates

Frank Cetera

Office: Syracuse Councilor-At-Large (special election to fill vacancy)
County: Onondaga County
FB: www.facebook.com/Frank.Raymond.Cetera
Website: votecetera-syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com