Resolution on GPNYS Strategy In The Event That The Working Families Party Nominates Their Own Candidate For Governor

Approved by the Green Party of New York State Committee on May 17, 2014


1. The Green Party and the Working Families Party have fundamentally different political strategies. The Green Party approach is independent political action by working people and allies against the corporate ruling class and its political representatives, the Democratic and Republican parties. The Working Families Party approach is to influence the multi-class Democratic Party primarily by running progressives in Democratic primaries and cross-endorsing Democrats in general elections.

2. The Green Party recognizes that, despite our different approaches to electoral politics, the Working Families Party consists of fellow progressives who share many of the same policy goals as the Green Party.

3. The Green Party sees the corporate Democratic and Republican parties as the main enemies of progress, not the Working Families Party.

4. The Green Party seeks cooperation with the Working Families Party in working for common policy goals in activities outside of our differing approaches to electoral politics.

Be it therefore resolved that:

1. The Green Party urges the Working Families Party to run its own gubernatorial ticket against the conservative Cuomo Democratic ticket.

2. If the Working Families Party runs its own gubernatorial ticket, the Green gubernatorial ticket shall regard the Working Families ticket as a parallel anti-Cuomo and Astorino campaign and shall focus the Green campaign against the conservative corporate-funded Democratic Cuomo and Republican Astorino candidacies.

3. The Green gubernatorial ticket in conjunction with the Green Party co-chairs shall request a meeting with the leadership of the Working Families Party to discuss cooperation for common goals.

4. Upon adoption, this resolution shall be communicated to the leadership of the Working Families Party and to the public through a news release.