Open Letter of Protest Calling Upon United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) to Become an Anti-War Organization

From the Executive Committee of the Green Party of New York State (GPNYS)

The Executive Committee of the Green Party of New York State (GPNYS), in acknowledgment of considerable member objections to the GPNYSʼs continued membership in United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), has only reluctantly decided to maintain its membership within UFPJ. While it is common for UFPJ to be referred to as the “largest anti-war organization” existing today, that is something that it has not been, and is not yet. One or another of the much smaller member organizations associated with UFPJ could be that largest anti-war organization, but — in its aggregate — UFPJ is not, because the effect of its tacit partisan support for Democrats has resulted in UFPJ being an organization complicit in the better managing of aggression, rather than true opposition to wars.

UFPJ has functioned as a "nonpartisan" massive mobilizer of Democrat votes. In doing so, UFPJ has served to co-opt anti-war dissent into support of “better” managed war. It should be remembered that UFPJ hadnʼt found a reason to exist during the 8 years that Clinton laid siege upon the People of Iraq. UFPJ had not found a reason to exist when the “humanitarian” interventionist Clinton bombed Yugoslav civilians to provide a new purpose for NATO, which now serves as an expeditionary force in the U.S. resource wars of aggression. And UFPJ isnʼt so forcefully opposed to war, now that Obama is in charge of continuing the continuum; now that the wars falsely attributed to Bush are Obamaʼs own... redeploying to Afghanistan, and droning into Pakistan... on the way to Iran.

Consider this quote from UFPJ's Statement on Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Plan:
"President Obama is largely keeping to his campaign promises, and that is a good thing. We are hopeful that we now have a President who wants to act on the will of the people who elected him."

What is good about Obama keeping his campaign promise to pursue "real" wars, rather than "dumb" wars?

What is good about Obama keeping his campaign promise that Single-Payer can't be had here?

What is good about Obama keeping his campaign promise to provide a cap & trade market to increase profiting from pollution, rather than the carbon tax that's needed to avert human extinction?

What is good about Obama keeping his campaign promise to develop and deploy a "clean" coal technology that can't be developed, but will be dirty deployed... deployed with the continued desecration of mountaintop removal?

Under Obama, whom UFPJ effectively MovedOn to help elect, the economic draft has been made more attractive to the less privileged; the use of private contractors (mercenaries) is increasing; the deployment of National Guard troops to invade and occupy other countries is now surging; and the School of the Americas continues doing what itʼs always done. Thatʼs Obamaʼs understanding of whatʼs wanted by “the will of the people who elected him.”

UFPJ doesn't threaten the system. It has served to maintain the system by performing the most useful function of regulating and directing dissent into support of the other right wing of the corporate party, which is determined to continue to expand the United [Corporate State] of Americaʼs empire, even as the fossil fuel tank it depends upon runs empty. An empire still seeking its answers in wars for the last drop of oil, for the last remnant of natural gas, or the last sip of clean fresh water... as the planet gets a fever that humans might not survive.

For UFPJ to become the anti-war organization it wishes to be, the direction of its actually quite partisan participation in politics must MoveAway from any support or approval of either wing of the corporate war party. The “non-partisan” UFPJ must MoveAway, and toward the exclusive support of true alternative political parties. It should give its “non-partisan” support only to electoral parties which both organizationally and unconditionally oppose the neoliberal U.S. wars of military assisted global economic aggression. Its “non-partisan” support should only be for alternative parties never infatuated with any deceptive Democrat
“electable” who, in being a Democrat, necessarily serves a recidivist war crime offender organization. As was so entirely predictable, Obama and the Democrat Congress are MovingOn to “better” manage the America-owning corporate stateʼs global domination through pervasive economic exploitation, backed by military aggression and friendly “moderate” state repressions.

For UFPJ to become an anti-war organization, its leadership and its member organizations must firmly and permanently MoveAway from the irrational behaviour of marching for peace, before voting for war.