Green Party of New York State Made Strong Gains in Tuesday’s Election, Says Lt. Gov. Candidate Duncan

November 8, 2006
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NEW YORK, NY -- "Although preliminary results suggest the Green Party failed to get 50,000 votes on the governor's line that would have guaranteed us ballot access, New Yorkers clearly choose the Green Party as New York's third party," said Alison Duncan, Green Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor. [election results below] "Julia Willebrand, candidate for comptroller, was the standout with 108,030 votes, more than any Green Party candidate for statewide office has ever gotten. Those votes clearly demonstrate that when voters need a choice on the ballot they choose Green. That's only been an option for about 20 years in this country. People are opting to vote Green and will continue to do so."

The fact that three candidates got over 50,000 votes gives the Green Party the opportunity for a legal challenge to NY's ballot access law, which says that the 50,000 votes for ballot access must be on the Governor's line. The Green Party previously won a challenge that required the board of elections to register enrollees for non-ballot-access parties that successfully petition to get a governor's candidate on the ballot. Green Party members will recanvas the voting machines in the coming weeks to determine the results of the election and have requested people to report voting problems.

"When corporate and PAC money determines the outcome of elections we do not have a democracy," said Duncan. "This government will not be a servant of the voters. We are determined to continue the fight -- legally, electorally, and legislatively to put a party that is not beholden to corporate and PAC interests -- the Green Party -- on the ballot and into power."

"I am pleased that our campaigns raised visibility for the Green Party's signature positions on an immediate end to the war in Iraq, universal single-payer health care, conversion to safe, renewable energy, support for local economies, and many others," added Duncan. "These positions that have been supported by Green Party members for many years are increasing in popularity among voters who have grown more disaffected from the Democratic and Republican parties. This bodes well for our continued success in future elections."

Malachy McCourt for Gov./Alison Duncan for Lt. Gov. 40,351 votes .97%
Rachel Treichler for Attorney General 57,564 votes 1.43%
Julia Willebrand for Comptroller 108,030 votes 2.82%
Howie Hawkins for U.S. Senate 51,538 votes 1.22%
(stats from as of noon today)