Green Parties of Pakistan and the US call for an end to US drone attacks inside Pakistan's borders


Pakistan Green Party leader tours the US, issues a statement on the attacks

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Parties in Pakistan and the US are demanding an end to US military attacks within Pakistan's borders, which have killed 900 civilians and left villages in ruins.

Pakistan Green Party leader Liaquat Ali Shaikh, in a recent tour of American cities, met with American Greens and discussed major points of agreement, especially on the need to end the drone attacks. Mr. Shaikh, the founder and co-chair of his party, issued a statement on the attacks (see below).

In April, Mr. Shaikh visited Greens in Houston, Austin, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York City. The Pakistan Green Party ( has 100 Counselors (representatives in District governments) and three deputy mayors throughout the country.

The Green Party of the United States has called for an end to the Afghanistan war and occupation (, with a special demand that President Obama order a halt to the drone attacks within Pakistani borders, replacing the military operations with an effort to pay reparations and offer human aid to civilians affected by the assaults. Party leaders have expressed dismay over Mr. Obama's intention to expand the war on Afghanistan.

US Greens strongly oppose the sending of military aid to governments in the region and support the withdrawal of US bases and armed forces from nations in the region. US Greens also urge the Obama Administration to recognize that the volatile tensions centered on Kashmir must be resolved peacefully through negotiations among Pakistan, India, and the Kashmiris.

Pakistan Green Party statement on US attacks inside Pakistan

The Pakistan Green Party demands that the US administration stop the drone attacks inside the Pakistani territory. 900 hundred civilians have been killed since the beginning of the attacks, including children, old men, and women, with many more injured.

The attacks have also forced more than a million people to migrate from these areas to different parts of Pakistan. They have ended up living in refugee camps in Peshawar and other cities without any support from the government of Pakistan or any other international aid agency.

This situation has created very different political problems in Pakistan, where on one hand Pakistan is paying a heavy cost to be a friend of the Unites States of America in the War on Terror, and on the other hand the American administration demands more assistance from Pakistan. It is tragic that on one hand Pakistan is targeted by terrorists from Afghanistan and on the other hand American forces are attacking Pakistan. The American administration, instead of strengthening the Pakistan government, has maintained the drone attacks, which create public resentment against the government and Americans. Therefore we demand that the US stop the drone attacks in Pakistani territory immediately, and begin relief, resettlement programs, and compensation for the affected people through all possible means.

We also demand that the international community initiate peace talks with all local forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan to find peaceful solutions and address the root causes of the problems. The US should treat all regional countries equally and put political pressure on India to resolve the Kashmir issue with Pakistan, a major cause of tension in region.

The US administration must provide more funding and also invest in the economic development of Pakistan, as it has lost its share of aid received from the international community. It is argued that there is need of more support in the social sector to empower the people of Pakistan.

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