2019 Platform Renewal

Guidelines for Platform Submissions and Details on the State Committee's process for adopting the platform

The Green Party of New York adopted a new platform at our State Committee meeting on May 11, 2019, with facilitation by the GPNY Platform Committee.

We invited all registered Greens in New York State, and GPNY Supporting Members not legally allowed to register, to contribute by proposing planks and amendments to the draft platform revision on the topics they know and care about most. It was a great opportunity for us to help sharpen our message with a statement that speaks to the issues that concern us. We also encouraged Green Party locals and affiliated counties to discuss and submit their ideas for the new platform. The current platform can be viewed and downloaded at www.gpny.org/our_platform.

Participation in the GPNY Platform Discussion Forum: To facilitate our discussions, GPNY used an online message board where users submitted and discussed platform ideas (http://gpnyplatform.freeforums.net/). Users received an account activation email, and then a forum moderator approved their registration. Those who were not known to the moderator team may have been asked to fill out an enrollment verification form. Once the registration process was complete, users logged in at http://gpnyplatform.freeforums.net/, set up a profile and notification preferences, reviewed the instructions, and started entering their planks and commenting on existing ones.

Allies who were not members of the Green Party who had ideas to share were able to email [email protected] or find a registered Green to sponsor and submit their idea.

Platform Revision Timeline: In order to receive input from Greens before the May 11 meeting, we had a tight timeline of milestones, encouraging everyone to get their proposals in as early in the process as possible. The 2019 Platform Revision Timeline was as follows:

  • Facebook Live Forum Training: February 12Watch the training video.
  • First Deadline for Submission of Planks: March 9
  • First Draft Revision Circulates: March 14. 
  • Facebook Live Town Hall to Discuss First Draft Revision: March 14. Watch the town hall video. 
  • Suggested Timeframe for Affiliated Counties and Green Locals to Discuss Platform: Weeks of March 17, 24
  • Deadline for Feedback on First Draft: March 30
  • Second Draft Revision Circulates: April 14
  • Deadline for Feedback on Second Draft: April 30 (Last Call for Comments Before May 11 SC Meeting)
  • Final Draft Revision Circulates: May 5
  • Seek Approval at 2019 State Committee Meeting: May 11