GPNY Web Committee

The GPNYS Web Committee (Web Comm) needs members who have experience publishing HTML in content management systems (e.g., WordPress, Nationbuilder) and email newsletter systems (e.g., Constant Contact, Mailchimp), in addition to members with strong editorial backgrounds who can create content. The committee also recruits outside contributors to create content.

Website and other systems administrators are also appreciated, along with experience editing and designing images for our website and social media. Meetings are monthly, but we need people who are available throughout the week for short periods of time to assist with content publishing. In the past this has been our weak point: we need content and image generators to increase our output!

The Web Committee currently manages all the GPNY social media, so folks who can be in charge of those, maybe on a rotating basis, would be extremely helpful.

Lastly, WebComm responds to volunteer signups and other website queries.


Michael O'Neil

Adrienne Craig-Williams

Cassandra Lems
Gil Obler
Anya Szykitka
Leon Vaughn

Jim McCabe

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