GPNY Web Committee

Notices of the proceedings of the GPNY Web Committee

June 6, 2017

The GPNY WebComm decided to launch three new blogs. One is a Green Party 101 series, which will, among other things, compile the weekly Facebook live videos on topics such as petitioning and tabling. The second is a blog for disseminating State and Executive committee news. The third is a county news blog, where Greens from around the state can send in items of interest. Stay tuned for these blogs on a site near you!

February 2, 2017

The GPNY WebComm held its first meeting -- by conference call -- on Tuesday February 2, 2017. At this meeting, a chair and secretary were elected.

Adrienne Craig-Williams
adrienne( at )

Michael O'Neil

Robin Barkenhagen
( at )

Robert Martin
RobertCMrtn( at )

Gil Obler

Leon Vaughn
King_Mobley( at )

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