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  • commented 2017-01-15 13:08:54 -0500
    Green Party, PLEASE delete this UNKEPT site, and just use your FB version (with a backup). I know you rely on volunteers etc etc etc. but this site is not meeting minimum standards for functionality. Sorry! Please save content, save site but direct visitors to an Active, Current site…even if it is a national one with just a page for NY. It will be easier for your small staff, and better for Green activists. This site TURNS US OFF, DISCOURAGES US, INDICATES THAT GREENS ARE INEFFECTIVE AND CANNOT SUCCEED.
  • commented 2017-01-03 21:58:47 -0500
    Is there a local Green Party group or contact individual in the Albany NY area that I can connect with? I would like to see if we can stage a health care “protection” demonstration here on Jan 15 as part of the national call to action made by Sen Sanders in defence of Medicare, Medicaid and the good parts of Obamacare, and in support of transitioning to universal care via Single Payer.

    Can you put me in touch with a GP rep in my area? So far they’ve proved elusive….

    Alternatively, what would it take to establish an official GP “cell” locally….is there any numbers threshold or other organizing giudelines?

    Thank you very much in advance.
  • commented 2016-12-22 15:28:27 -0500
    Hey I started giving monthly donations a while back, and while I still support the Green Party and will gladly vote and donate where I can, I’d like to stop the recurring donations because my situation has changed. I hope you understand and thank you very much.
  • commented 2016-12-13 14:22:08 -0500
    Now the GPNY officially endorses the Stein recount. I find it hard to believe this is about cleaning house on the US electoral process and more about overturning the election results. By joining in this fracas the Greens will lose in the end, giving the appearance of being just a sub heading under the Democratic Party, an organization that could have had a guaranteed Pres in Bernie Sanders but chose to promote HRC over the rank and file wishes and risk a Pres Trump.

    To me this is a major turning point for the Greens that will not advance the Green platform one bit, or encourage undecided voters or disenchanted Democrats to join. A great deal more thought should have gone into this decision. I do not endorse it, it diminishes all the other platform goals relating to electoral reform, and will end up harming the Party going forward.

    Instead of shilling for HRC the Party should be pointing out how broke the system is and showcasing the platform initiatives. This is not our fight. Trump is going to do whatever he’s going to do, and Clinton isn’t going to remember any help she got from the Greens – her environmental policy would scarcely be any different from Trumps.

    I quit.
  • commented 2016-12-05 21:22:04 -0500
    If I make a recurring donation at this GPNY site, does the donation go to GPNY or GPUSA?
  • commented 2016-12-02 12:45:40 -0500
    What can I do from New York to help push forward with the recounts?
  • followed this page 2016-11-28 13:46:42 -0500
  • commented 2016-11-28 13:42:03 -0500
    Hello, as a 20 year member of the NY Green Party I have to say I am not at all happy with the Jill Stein recount effort. I came to the Greens to escape the corruption of the Democratic Party and I have never thought of the two as having a compatible vision.

    Hillary is no better than Trump, Jill is going to put the Greens in a subservient position to the Dems if she keeps this up. Not to mention folk who might have come to the party as independents who also harbor no good will toward HRC might write off the party as incapable of maintaining independence – a crucial goal if the Greens are to have any lasting impact on policy.

    Greens and and environmentalists in general should take note of Obama’s environmental policy and recognize that’s the Dem party line – talk much and do little or the opposite.

    Greens and and environmentalists should also take note of what befell the Unions when they became subservient to the Democrats.

    If this keeps up I’ll be leaving the Party, but at that point it won’t matter much anyway.
  • commented 2016-11-28 05:49:40 -0500
    Inline image 1

    Dear BLMNY Family,

    I am Hawk Newsome, the President of Black Lives Matter Greater New York. I grew up in the South Bronx and returned after law school to empower my community. My passion for the community led me to run for political office several years ago and to pioneer initiatives to benefit my people. I have made the engaging our youth a priority. It is on their behalf that I write you today.

    It was during a protest for Deborah Danner that I encountered a bright group of students from a local Bronx High School. They expressed a desire to voice their opinions on police brutality in Black and Latino communities. As a result of our interactions, the students have organized the “Future of the City” march to remember all of those who lost their lives to police brutality. The students are also petitioning to make December 3rd and “National Day of Remembrance.” This march will be historic!

    These young people have worked diligently to organize the March taking place on Saturday, December 3rd at 12:00pm. I ask that you come out and stand in unity with us for this peaceful and nonviolent protest. Join us and help spread the word.

    Please RSVP to confirm your attendance at If you would like to speak on behalf of your organization then include your intention in your email.

    Inline image 2



    TIME: RALLY 12:00-1:00PM , MARCH: 1:00-3:00PM

    START: 163 West 125th Street at the corner of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard in the Harlem

    END: American Museum of Natural History, New York City. (The equestrian statue)


    FaceBook Event Page:¬if_id=1480323000557118

    In Community,

    Hawk Newsome

    President, BLMNY

    c. 917 723 9794


  • commented 2016-11-14 16:05:41 -0500
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would very interested in volunteering for the Green Party. I would like to know whether there are regular meetings I could start coming to and how I could contribute my skills. I have background working with the United Nations and nonprofits in media, communications, advocacy, and event management.

    I can be reached at and look forward to hearing from you.
  • commented 2016-11-12 08:12:20 -0500
    I have strongly considered running for my district’s assembly seat (116th). I would also like and be honored to do this as a green. I was wondering if I could obtain any information to help me on this path?
  • commented 2016-11-10 21:38:12 -0500
    Are there any organizing meetings going forward now that the elections are over? If not, I am willing to organize or help organize meetings.
  • commented 2016-11-10 21:26:58 -0500
    I am so concerned about recent events that I want to help mobilize now. I am teacher at Brooklyn College and so many of my students are hurt and confused.

    The issue can never ever ever be the lesser of two evils again. We must act to help each other now with all that we have at our disposal
  • commented 2016-11-08 09:24:06 -0500
    In regards to your “2016 Candidates” page on your website, it might be helpful to include a graphic of the state showing the jurisdiction of the office that each candidate is running for. Many people are not aware of what State Representative or State Senate districts they live in, so this might help them.
  • commented 2016-11-07 18:43:28 -0500
    While I totally agree with the Green Party positions, the memory of the 2000 Presidential election should haunt everyone. Ralph Nader handed the Presidency to George W. Bush. But for Nader, Al Gore would have been President from 2001 to 2005, maybe until 2009. I will vote for Democratic candidates. Half a loaf is better than none.
  • commented 2016-11-07 15:31:23 -0500
    Pat Ritchie and Barclay are unopposed on the ballot tomorrow. To leave it blank, makes no statement of protest. I want to write-in a candidate, especially for Ritchie. Even if no one runs from the Green Party, you could have a list of write-in suggestions. Eventually, those write-ins could become a tsunami
  • commented 2016-11-04 23:46:33 -0400
    I’m filling out my absentee ballot and planned on voting green across the board, but found that many offices had no green party nominee. These specifically include Representative for the 27th district, State Senate for the 62nd district, and Assembly for the 144th district. Why was there no green nominee in these races? Was there nobody who wanted to run?
  • commented 2016-11-02 08:46:33 -0400
    I have considered myself a Green supporter for as long as I can remember. But I was SHOCKED to see GEORGE AMEDOR as the Green candidate for Congress. He has one of the WORST ENVIRONMENTAL VOTING RECORDS IN NY STATE, as tracked by NYPIRG ! Could someone please tell me how this possibly happened. There is no doubt that Teachout would be much more progressive environmentally.

    There is no phone number to contact the party, but I would like to find out how this could possibly have happened.

    Thank you,

  • commented 2016-10-30 14:37:18 -0400

    I am Peter Louis, Vice President of The Brooklyn College Film Society, and a registered Green since 2013 (pardon the rhyme).

    I want to keep this message short, so I was wondering if you guys could send me a bunch of small, solid pamphlets/flyers to put on people’s cars at places like train station parking lots/garages, for Robin Laverne Wilson, and Jill Stein. I would like pamphlets that talk about the meaning of 5% for Jill Stein, mention her Town Halls with CNN and TYT.

    In Robin’s, talk about where you can find out information for her through interviews or whatever.

    In both Jill and Robin’s cases, I want pamphlets/flyers talking about their beliefs, maybe compared to Hillary/Trump, and Chuck Schumer, and to spread the word to friends and family about them.

    Please, I would appreciate it if you send them to my address soon, I will go to the lots/garages of the Hicksville and Mineola LIRR stations as a priority, and the Farmingdale station, or wherever else, for whatever I have left over.

    If you have any additional requests or suggestions, like what other things I could give out, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Peter Louis
  • commented 2016-10-30 13:12:55 -0400
    I’m still a thousand percent I wrote you a few weeks ago and could not find any response. I am from Dutchess County along the Hudson River which is now a battleground for moving fracked Dakota Bakken crude to New Jersey. I noticed that there is no Green presence from Albany to Yonkers and want to see that changed. I am from a well known political family in Rhinebeck and would like to see Green have a voice in the mid and lower Hudson Valley..
  • commented 2016-10-29 10:56:23 -0400
    hello how are you doing,

    I am doing photography project for my school International center of Photography on elections and motivating supporters.

    Do you guys have anyone who is being strong supporter and motivational figure whom I can document through photographs. And also any strong election campaigns or rally’s which I can shoot before the election.

    It will be of great help, looking forward for a positive response

    thanks n regards


  • commented 2016-10-27 20:39:45 -0400
    I live in New York State’s 44th State Senate District, and I was excited to learn that a Green Party candidate was running in my district for State Senate. I am a young voter unhappy with the conduct and platforms of both major parties, and I am eager to vote for Green Party candidates when possible. Unfortunately, there is no information available about Deyva Arthur (the Green Party candidate for my district) or their platforms. There is not even the most basic campaign website or Facebook page. As a matter of principle, I cannot bring myself to vote for someone I literally know nothing about and who has not even taken their campaign seriously enough to make a basic, free website. In the future, if the Green Party is serious about attracting voters on the more local level, the party and/or its candidates should take basic steps to create at least a basic website for each campaign. Is there any way of learning more about this candidate? I’ve researched rather extensively and found next to nothing.

    I am happy to see that Robin Laverne Wilson, the Green Party candidate running to represent New York in the U.S. Senate has a website. However, there is still far less information about Wilson and her stances on the website then is ideal. The platform is simply 20 single-sentence bullet points and could do with more detail. A more fleshed out “Issues” section is greatly desired. Unfortunately, the reality is that Green Party candidates tend to be less well known than their opponents from the major parties and the burden falls on these candidates to provide more information about their ideas and stances than some of their opponents typically do (although ideally all candidates/officeholders should have well organized and detailed list of their positions on various pressing issues). I love Wilson’s vision, but wish there was more information about how she plans on achieving- both in a “perfect” world and also how she plans to cultivate her vision if elected to a Senate where her party is vastly unrepresented. Furthermore, I wish her website had more media directly from her, or in lieu of placing such content on her website, I wish that she had a designated YouTube channel or posted videos to FaceBook more often so NY voters who would otherwise not be able to meet her in person could hear from her more. This goes back to the issue of Green Party candidates typically being less well know and needing to create more of a presence through the channels that are available to them (recognizing that most corporate media outlets pay the party little mind). Synthesizing the two ideas together, maybe she and other Green Party candidates could even get into the habit of creating videos each of which is dedicated to explaining their stance on a specific issue.

    All of this being said, I am excited to see the Green Party win some victories this election season, and in elections to come!
  • commented 2016-10-23 22:40:57 -0400
    Hi all,

    I am media adviser for Australian Greens Senator. I will be in NYC on election night for a trip I’m on with the Australian Political Exchange Council. I have two queries:

    - Also in NYC will be my colleague Katie Robertson, who is policy adviser for Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. Are there any election night functions that we could try to attend?

    - My trip is focussed on disability policy, in particular the operation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Is there anyone from the New York Green Party who would be good to talk to about that?


  • commented 2016-10-09 23:25:46 -0400
    I’ve been wanting a Jill Stein sign but over the months the price has increased dramatically. I do understand that the Green Party doesn’t have the funding as the major parties but having working people pay $25 for signs limits the ability to achieve significant outreach. Are there any sign distributions happening in Rochester, NY? Is there anyway I can get a lot of signs to distribute and put out?
  • commented 2016-10-02 14:38:00 -0400

    French journalist for RMC Decouverte, one of the main French TV Channels, willing to do a TV report on Sanders’ supporters that won’t vote for H. Clinton next Nov. 8 but for J. Stein.

    Do you know people I can get in touch with, or events I could attend and where I cloud meet the kind of people I am looking for?

    I will be in NYC around Oct. 13.

    Thanks a lot for your help,

    Benoit Ballet

    RMC Decouverte

    0033 6 03 73 11 81
  • commented 2016-09-29 21:19:02 -0400
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  • commented 2016-09-12 14:37:57 -0400
    To the dedicated members of the New York Green Party,

    My name is Kurtis Eisenhardt and am I student at Alfred University. I am reaching out to the NY Green Party because I am putting together a series of speeches on the issue of campaign finance reform. I would like to invite Senate candidate Robin Laverne Wilson to come speak. We have a flexible schedule, but we would ideally like to have the event before the registration cut off date (October 14th.) If this is a possibility for Ms. Wilson, please contact me at (607) 382-5071 or at my email thank you for your time!

    Kurtis Eisenhardt
  • commented 2016-09-10 10:34:09 -0400
    I just received a letter from Working Families Candidate Steven Meyer, who came to my house last week, and it’s stating that the Green Party has Dorothy Sobczyk as our candidate and that she is a Republican. I also received a postcard from the Green Party about this as well. This seems to be a political sneak from the Democrats and either we have a Trojan Horse in Steven Meyer passing himself off as a Pro Green Party Candidate by being “Anything but Republican”.
  • commented 2016-09-04 16:49:43 -0400
    Please contact me for info I need to connect with Green Party in Ithaca, NY. I met with Howie Hawkins at a small private party at Adrian’s home north of Fly Creek, NY years ago. Since then I moved to Ithaca. also where can I get “Neither One” bumper stickers?